A teenager forced a tow truck driver to hand over the keys to his rig in New Orleans East on Monday night and was quickly arrested, police said.

Police said Larry Pierre, 17, flagged down the driver at Boston Drive and Bunker Hill Road shortly after 9 p.m., implied that he had a gun and took off with the vehicle. Police spotted him driving away and gave chase. Pierre and another man then bailed out near Dinkins and Vanderkloot streets.

As police established a perimeter, they said, a homeowner in the 7700 block of Hickman Street spotted Pierre. The homeowner pulled out a shotgun and forced Pierre into waiting officers’ arms.

Pierre was booked on counts of carjacking, flight and resisting an officer, illegal possession of a stolen vehicle, reckless operation of a vehicle and criminal trespassing. Whoever was with him in the truck escaped.

Another robbery was reported in the 2300 block of Bienville Street. The victim, 40, was approached by two armed men about 3 p.m. Monday and forced to turn over his keys.