Representatives of the Edible Schoolyard New Orleans program at Arthur Ashe Charter School in New Orleans recently traveled to Washington, D.C., to assist first lady Michelle Obama in planting the White House kitchen garden.

Ashe co-director Sivi Domango and Edible Schoolyard program manager Rahn Broady led the group, which included Endya Colbert, Terryne Harris, Michael Herring, Savannah Miller and Malik Robins.

Edible Schoolyard is a seed-to-table food education program that aims to change the way children eat, learn and live. The program offers hands-on gardening and kitchen classes that are integrated into the curriculum, culture and cafeteria programs at the schools it serves.

At Arthur Ashe Charter School, each grade level participates in garden classes where the students learn the importance of cultivating the soil, planting, nurturing, growing, sowing and harvesting fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. From wellness workshops to Family Food Nights, the program helps students learn the importance of eating healthy and connect their experiences in the garden to the subjects they are learning in their classrooms.

The White House kitchen garden planting program also involved students involved in school garden programs in Cortez, Colorado, and Washburn, Wisconsin.