The Delgado Summer Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Academy for high school students will be held four days a week for three weeks, July 14-31, at the Delgado City Park and Delgado West Bank campuses.

The summer initiative, sponsored by Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery, will provide access to innovative theories and techniques found in modern science laboratories.

Students will have the opportunity to choose custom class modules based on topics they find interesting. Many of the skills presented are highly sought-after by industry and higher academia.

Each session consists of two parts. The first part will introduce students to general laboratory practices such as laboratory safety, Material Safety Data Sheets, the metric system, solution preparation and volume measurements. For the second part, students will choose modules covering specific relevant topics in STEM fields.

Modules will include introduction to proteins, biochemical calculations, genes and biological activity, chemistry of compound separation by chromatography, and neurophysiology and biomechanics.

Enrollment is open to all high school students in grades nine through 12 and 2014 graduates, with a recommendation from a high school science teacher.

There is a $25 nonrefundable application fee. At the end of the academy, students may pay another $25 fee to take Delgado’s CLEP test and earn one hour of science lab credit if they pass.