Fired sheriff’s deputy arrested after taking gun into Orleans DA’s office with expired credentials _lowres

Colley Solomon

A former Orleans Parish sheriff’s deputy was arrested last week after identifying himself as a law enforcement officer at the District Attorney’s Office even though he had been fired earlier this summer, authorities said Tuesday.

Solomon Colley Jr. was booked Thursday on “false personation” of a peace officer, according to court records. Colley, 29, was hired by the Sheriff’s Office in January and fired in July for violating agency policies.

According to an arrest report, Colley walked into the DA’s Office on Thursday wearing a gray Army shirt and with a handgun holstered on his right side.

When an investigator assigned to front-door security asked Colley why he was trying to carry a handgun into the office, Colley said he was a deputy with the Sheriff’s Office, the report says.

Asked for identification, Colley provided an “Orleans sheriff swipe card,” the arrest report says, and then sought to clarify that he was “suspended right now.” He then proceeded to have a meeting with the child support enforcement division.

During the meeting, the DA’s Office investigator phoned the Sheriff’s Office to verify Colley’s employment status and learned he had been terminated July 24 for “malfeasance in office,” the report says.

Colley had been suspended in May, but he had been fired for several weeks by the time he entered the DA’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office declined to release any specifics about Colley’s firing. Spokesman Philip Stelly said only that he had violated “agency policies and procedures” during his probationary period. “The investigation into the violation is ongoing,” Stelly said. “No other information is available.”

It also remained unclear why Colley still had Sheriff’s Office credentials in his possession after being dismissed. Stelly said Sheriff’s Office investigators had taken Colley’s “swipe card” upon his suspension and turned it over to the agency’s Human Resources Department.

“Human Resources is still in possession of that swipe card,” Stelly said. “The origin of the swipe card in his possession on Sept. 3 has not been determined.”

The purpose of Colley’s meeting at the District Attorney’s Office remained murky as well Tuesday. Civil District Court records show Colley had agreed to a child support plan in 2013, but there is no indication in the records that he has been behind in payments.

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