Chris Rose, whose popularity skyrocketed after Hurricane Katrina because of his emotional column writing about New Orleans, is now struggling to reenter the city's media landscape and had been waiting tables to make ends meet, he said in a new Columbia Journalism Review report.

In the report, Rose discusses his fight with drug addiction and depression and details how he was a waiter at Kingfish as recently as this past November to help pay rent and support his children.

“It was killing my soul. I wasn’t making enough money,” he said in the report. “I’m not seeing my kids: I’d leave for work when they were getting home from school, then I’d get home at one in the morning. I’m tired. I’m not writing.”

Now, Rose works for the grocery chain Rouses as a writer for its trade magainze. He also said he's hopeful to become a French Quarter tour guide.

Rose, who said he has been in rehab three times to combat his struggles, left The Times-Picayune in 2009 and was let go from Fox 8 in 2013.

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