New Orleans police reported two separate stabbing incidents Monday morning that left three people injured.

The first incident happened around midnight, when Cheryl Hollinghed, 59, entered her residence in the 5700 block of Tullis Drive and attacked her girlfriend with a knife after finding her in a bedroom with a male acquaintance, police said.

The victim, a 41-year-old woman, suffered a stab wound. Another female victim was cut while trying to intervene, police said. Details of their conditions were not available.

In the second incident, three transgender individuals approach a man walking in the 1700 block of Bayou Road and demanded two dollars, police said. When the victim said he didn’t have the money, one of the individuals went behind the victim and began stabbing him.

The victim was able to flee the scene and notify police. Details of his injuries were not available.

The suspects were described as black male transgender individuals. The first was wearing a tourquoise dress, heels and brown wig. The second, accused of being the stabber, was wearing a white t-shirt and a long black weave. There was no description of the third person’s clothing.