Visitation of Our Lady students participate in Duke Talent Identification Program _lowres

Photo provided by Visitation of Our Lady School -- In the front row, from left, are Nathan Anderson, Doan Vo, Jennifer Tran and Emily Lubag. In the second row are Quinn Doskey, Adrianna Taulli, Emma Bordelon, Kirstin Plaisance, Kathy Tran, Raymond Sauerwin and Olivia Marque.

At Visitation of Our Lady Catholic School in Marrero, 11 seventh-graders have qualified to participate in the Duke Talent Identification Program.

The students who qualified are Nathan Anderson, Emma Bordelon, Quinn Doskey, Emily Lubag, Olivia Marque, Kirstin Plaisance, Raymond Sauerwin, Adrianna Taulli, Jennifer Tran, Kathy Tran and Doan Vo.

The students qualified for the program by scoring in the 95th percentile or higher on grade-level standardized achievements tests. The students are invited to take the ACT or SAT, along with high school students and will receive information geared to college-bound students, as well as information on academic programs across the United States.