Cabrini High School’s Suitcase Squad, a group of students armed with a suitcase filled with artifacts from endangered species on loan from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, visited St. Andrew the Apostle School recently to give a presentation on endangered animals and what humans can do to help animals and the environment.

Inside the suitcase are an elephant tusk, ocelot pelt, stuffed sea turtle and other items from endangered species confiscated by the USFWS.

Ann Smart, science teacher at Cabrini, and a small group of her students form the Suitcase Squad, visiting local elementary schools to educate young minds on the environment and endangered species.

“Our presentation consists of a song, ‘Save the Animals, Save the Earth,’ and activity about habitat destruction, a discussion of the what we can do to help the environment, and a presentation and discussion of biofacts,” Smart said.