New Orleans, Mobile mayors hold tweet war  

The rivalry between New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama, over who can stake the best claim to giving birth to Mardi Gras spilled over into a friendly online feud between Mayor Mitch Landrieu and his counterpart in Alabama last week.

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson sent the first shot Wednesday with a tweet showcasing a billboard outside of New Orleans, placed by Alabama's state tourism agency, that reads, "You are 114 miles from America's Original Mardi Gras."

Stimpson also told Landrieu that Mobile would "love to show you how it's done!" when it comes to celebrating Mardi Gras.

Landrieu replied Thursday with a quick three-jab combo that let Mobile know it can (maybe) claim the original Mardi Gras celebration but that New Orleans has perfected it.

".@MayorStimpson Alabama should stick to college football. Let professionals in #NOLA handle the #RealMardiGras," Landrieu replied to Stimpson on Twitter.

He then fired off two memes to stick his point, letting Stimpson know #RealMardiGras is in New Orleans.

The first included a picture of a clearly upset man on a phone with the caption, "When your Uber driver drops you off at Mobile Mardi Gras but you just want to get to #NOLA #RealMardiGras." Landrieu also told Stimpson he'd save a spot for him in the reviewing stand. 

The last tweet Landrieu sent used an image of President Barack Obama's inauguration crowd, captioned "Mardi Gras in #NOLA," and compared it with President Donald Trump's inauguration crowd, captioned " 'Mardi Gras' in Mobile."

"You sure you want to compare?" Landrieu asked Stimpson in the tweet.

But Stimpson wasn’t ready to go down without a fight and replied to the inauguration photo with a tweet that said “Mitch please” over a photo captioned “Catch our drains bead free. How bout dat!!” — a reference to the 93,000 pounds of beads that crews pulled out of New Orleans drains.

A later tweet included an edited version of a tweet from the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp. account saying “@MayorLandrieu We regret to inform you that we are packing up and heading to the birthplace of Mardi Gras for the next two weeks to see how the celebrating is really done. #SorryNotSorry #MobileDoesItBetter.”

Landrieu has had the last word so far, tweeting on Friday night, “Imagine no one knew anything about ‘Mobile Mardi Gras’ … Then BOOM!! NOLA makes it relevant!!”

School Board feuds even over agenda

Jefferson Parish School Board elections aren't until November, but the rancor among members already seems to be at a late fall level.

Now, that sniping has extended to the agendas that are sent out before the board's monthly meetings.

The next meeting is Wednesday, and an agenda for it was posted and emailed from a generic email address for the board president — nothing unusual about that.

What was unusual was a few hours later, when board President Mark Morgan sent an email from his law firm address.

"Please be advised that this agenda was not approved by the board president and is believed to have been manipulated by the superintendent at the direction of Mr. (Cedric) Floyd," Morgan wrote. He said the meeting would be governed by the announced agenda, but that the board may need to convene a special meeting "to address this highly irregular circumstance."

According to Morgan, Floyd, a board member, altered the wording of some items on the agenda related to the dismissal of Joseph and the search for a new superintendent.

Floyd has tangled with other board members repeatedly over the last few months and has vowed to try to unseat several of his colleagues at the polls. 

Floyd denied that he had done anything unusual.

"I updated my second readings (of agenda items he had proposed) as to what I wanted to present to the board," he said. "That's my right as a School Board member."

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. Only heaven knows when it will end.

Compiled by Jeff Adelson, Orlando Flores and Faimon A. Roberts III