Two suspects accused of killing 25-year-old Jessie Taylor IV told a police tipster they poured acid on the body “in an effort to destroy evidence,” according to court documents.

New Orleans police, in an application for an arrest warrant, said Victoria Norwood and Kenneth Harvey confessed “on several occasions” that they killed Taylor and threw his remains down the elevator shaft of an abandoned building in Central City.

Taylor, who had been missing since September 2013, was found dead in the South Claiborne Avenue apartment building on April 24, 2014. An autopsy determined that his death was a homicide.

The application for the arrest warrant said police found mail in Norwood’s name at the apartment building and a receipt in Harvey’s name. An empty bag of Lime Rite also was found near the remains, the document says.

“Harvey and Norwood gave indications on where the body was located and how they would destroy evidence by pouring a chemical agent on the body, details no one else would have known,” Detective Debra Normand wrote.

Norwood and Harvey previously had been jailed in connection with a November armed robbery at Canal and North Johnson streets. They were re-booked on counts of second-degree murder this week.