Owen “Pip” Brennan Jr., who helped revolutionize Carnival by launching one of its most popular superkrewes, is stepping down as captain of Bacchus and turning the reins over to his son, Clark.

The elder Brennan has been captain of Bacchus since the krewe’s first parade on Feb. 16, 1969.

Bacchus was launched at a time when leaders of the tourism industry were looking for a way to revitalize New Orleans’ premier celebration, and under Brennan’s leadership, the krewe introduced bigger and more spectacular floats and a celebrity king. The first was Danny Kaye.

Bacchus was followed by fellow superkrewes Endymion and Orpheus.

To honor the elder Brennan, Bacchus’ board created the position of captain emeritus.

Clark Brennan said he is excited to take over the organization his father started and led for so many years.

“I am surrounded by a dedicated board of directors who will help me continue the rich traditions of Bacchus while making headway into the future of this incredible krewe,” Clark Brennan said in a statement released Thursday.

“Bacchus will sustain its goal of putting on a premier Mardi Gras parade that focuses the spotlight on the city of New Orleans.”