Kenner has secured $1.6 million in federal funds to help pay for a bike and pedestrian path along the Power Boulevard median between West Esplanade Avenue and Vintage Drive.

The work, which also requires $320,000 in local bond money from the Kenner 2030 Plan, will include new lighting, landscaping and a bridge over the Vintage Canal, the city said.

Public Works Director Jose Gonzalez said a best-case scenario has work beginning in early 2016 and lasting at least nine months. Because the work uses federal transportation dollars, Gonzalez said, there are more bureaucratic hurdles to clear than if it were a purely local project.

There is already a path along the median, but it will be widened to accommodate cyclists and walkers, Gonzales said. A later phase of the Kenner 2030 plan calls for continuing the path north along Erlanger Road.

When that is completed, “you’re going to have a combination bike and pedestrian path all the way from West Esplanade to the Lakefront,” Gonzalez said.

Kenner 2030, which aims to make engineering, pedestrian and landscaping improvements to the city’s major commercial corridors, is part of Mayor Mike Yenni’s bid to make the city more attractive to prospective residents and new businesses.

The roughly $37 million plan is funded by sales tax-backed bonds and was approved by the City Council in 2013.

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