The top award in the St. Bernard Art Guild Members Show went to Gerald Gillen, who took the Chalmette Refining LLC Best of Show Award for “Winter Glow.” The Members’ Choice Award went to Charles Anderson for “Focus.”

In the category of art under glass, Anderson took first for “Focus”; Elaine Hodges was second for “Succulent Garden”; and Linda Gaudet was third for “Splash of Colors.” Honorable mentions went to Claire Pescay for “Ice Cold Watermelon”; and to Philippa Guillen for “Second Cup” and for “Palm Reading.”

In the category of art not under glass, Janet Attaway took first for “Red Crown Crane”; Anderson was second for “Stop Killing People”; and Hodges was third for “Glowing Colors.” Honorable mentions went to Victoria Graves for “Wild Horses”; Anderson for “Look Up to Heaven”; and Donna Lind for “Romeo and Magnolias.”

In the photography category, Gillen took first place for “Winter Glow” and second place for “Lights Magic.” Mary Ann Anderson took third for “A World Without Color.” Honorable mentions went to Pescay for “Mandarin Duck” and “Female Ruby Throat”; and to Joe Murphy Jr. for “Catching Smoke.”

In the category of three-dimensional art, Graves took first place for “Turkey after Claude Monet” and second for “Mark Twain’s Vision.” Ron Chapman took third for “Head Stones at Dusk.” Honorable mentions went to Graves for “Today’s Catch,” “Life After Death II” and “The Osprey.”

Special theme awards went to Marie Alvarez for her landscape “Crane Reflection,” for the maritime-themed “Perching Pelican” and for the floral “Blooming Magnolia.” Graves got theme awards for “Fishing at Grandma’s,” “Oh Deer!” “Flowers in Abstract” and “Oh Boy! What a Koi.” Theme awards also went to Mary Ann Anderson for “Big Sister”; to Charles Anderson for “Look Up to Heaven”; and to Lind for “Bayou, In Living Color.”