Yolonda Wornner Prevost was the guest speaker at a recent luncheon gala held by the New Orleans branch of the National Association of University Women, with the theme “Progressive Women Remaining Relevant in a Global Society.”

The chairwomen of the event were Kathleen McKinney-Franks and Marion Turner. Recognition went to Barbara P. Harrison, the branch’s 2015 woman of the year, and to six youth trailblazers: Meghan Battle, Myles Blunt, Joshua H. Brown, Joy R. Jackson, Xavier Sterling and Herman Williams IV.

Entertainment was provided by Clark Knighten, with vocals from Joan Ann Brown and Shy Taylor.

Among those sharing in the honorific gala at the Lace Grand Ballroom in New Orleans were branch President Barbara H. Doublet; former branch Presidents Marguerite G. Albert, Delores Bergquist-Coyé, Rosa Ester Dickerson, Maria Sly-George and Geraldine Meyers; the Rev. Carvin Smith; Kathie O. Clark; Judge Terri Love; Dr. Rosiland Pijeaux-Hale; Kenyatta Guilford; Myra Harris; Lee Francis Hicks; Yvonne Holiday; Carolyn Jackson; Cynthia Jackson; Dr. Judith Miranti; Hortense Peoples; Joaneane Smith; Roxie Smith; Denise A. Thomas; Beverly Joy Victorianne; and the Rev. and Mrs. Herman Williams III.