A New Orleans man was arraigned Tuesday in federal court on suspicion that he tried to build a bomb large enough to blow up a car, the FBI said.

Sam Desmond Schulman, 30, was arrested about 10 a.m. Monday at his home in the 5200 block of Spain Street.

He was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit a violation of a federal law that makes it illegal for a civilian to make an explosive device or to distribute explosive materials, said Mary Beth Romig, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s New Orleans office.

Members of an FBI task force searched Schulman’s home after they took him into custody to search for evidence of bomb-making materials. Romig did not say if authorities found anything in the home.

Michael Anderson, special agent in charge of the FBI’s local office, said Schulman never posed any threat to public safety.

“At no time was the public in any danger, and our team was able to make a successful arrest before Schulman had the opportunity to execute his plan,” Anderson said.