New Orleans police on Tuesday afternoon announced the arrest of a suspect in the shooting last week of an Irish police officer in the 7th Ward.

The NOPD used Twitter to announce the arrest of Melvin Galle Jr., 40, in the shooting of Brian Hanrahan, an officer in the Irish national police agency, Garda Síochána. Hanrahan is posted to the city of Limerick.

Galle and his brother, Keith, were arrested in the 1600 block of Laharpe Street, a little over half a mile from where Hanrahan was shot, police said.

Hanrahan has said he withdrew $200 from an ATM and walked with a man he met in the French Quarter to the 2200 block of New Orleans Street, where they were supposedly going to visit a bar. When they got there, a second man allegedly robbed and shot Hanrahan.

Police had announced that Melvin Galle was a suspect in the case and that they believed he was the man who met Hanrahan in the Quarter. Late Tuesday, police said they now believe Keith Galle is the second man, who allegedly shot Hanrahan.