The U.S. Coast Guard said Wednesday that an empty tanker on the Mississippi River crashed into a derelict wharf near Spain Street and Crescent Park in Bywater on Tuesday night.

It was not the Gov. Nicholls Street Wharf, as first reported.

Initial reports said the Gov. Nicholls wharf and a Jefferson Parish water intake structure sustained damage, but the parish issued a statement Wednesday morning saying there was no damage or threat to the parish water supply, and the Port of New Orleans informed the Coast Guard in the afternoon that the Gov. Nicholls wharf was not involved.

The 62,000-ton tanker Nordbay remained anchored at mile marker 97.2 Wednesday with a hole in the hull.

No one was reported injured, and no pollutants were released into the river.

The accident is under investigation.

According to a news release from Jefferson Parish, the parish’s water intake structure wasn’t involved in the incident, “the water quality was not affected and all remains operational.”