Alleged jailhouse brawler threatened victim at New Orleans East daiquiri stand, police say _lowres

Jerel Clavo

A St. Roch man facing an attempted murder charge in connection with a jailhouse stabbing has been booked again and accused of trying to intimidate the victim of the attack outside a New Orleans East daiquiri stand in August.

Jerel Clavo, 29, already was facing an attempted second-degree murder trial after the December stabbing of Ravanell Williams, 38, during a jail melee that resulted in the rebooking of 12 inmates.

Police claim Clavo compounded his legal problems when he spotted Williams outside the Daiquiri Chef at 3738 Downman Road about 10:30 p.m. Aug. 22.

Police said Clavo was armed with a handgun and flanked by his co-defendant in the attempted murder case, 32-year-old Chris Williams.

Clavo allegedly called the victim a “rat” for talking about the stabbing incident. Clavo then “implied the harm that could befall him,” according to a warrant from Detective Darren Brazley. One witness told police that Clavo kept his handgun close to his leg so that others at the stand could not see it.

It is not clear whether prosecutors believe Clavo or Chris Williams personally stabbed Ravanell Williams. Chris Williams’ defense attorney has previously claimed that deputies simply booked everyone who was in the room when Ravanell Williams was attacked.

Clavo was booked Monday on counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, possession of a firearm by a felon and witness intimidation. A judge set his bail at $200,000, and he remains in jail.

Chris Williams was booked on the witness intimidation count in October. He put up a $25,000 bond but then failed to appear for a court hearing on Nov. 10, records show. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

A jury acquitted both men in January on allegations that they killed the witness to a drug-related murder in the 7th Ward in 2011. Prosecutors had claimed that Clavo and Williams killed Aristotle Seals, 29, two months after he implicated them in the March 2011 murder of Shane Bell, 51.