Sign outside Tic Toc Cafe in Metairie: 'Peter Gold ... you saved a woman's life ... get well soon' _lowres

Tic Toc Cafe in Metairie displays a sign supporting Tulane medical student Peter Gold. (Photo courtesy of Tulane University)

Peter Gold, the 25-year-old Tulane University medical student shot while trying to rescue a woman who was apparently being abducted on Magazine Street, has been released from University Medical Center.

Sara Brady, a spokeswoman for the Gold family, would not say Wednesday when Gold was released and declined to provide additional details, other than to say that his recuperation “is going very well.”

The Gold family, she said, “is appreciative of the support from the New Orleans community, the Police Department, Tulane University and the hospital.”

Gold gained national attention after he was shot in the stomach in the early morning hours of Nov. 19. He was driving on Magazine Street near St. Mary Street when he saw a man in a hooded sweatshirt dragging a semi-conscious woman down the sidewalk toward a parked car.

Private surveillance camera footage captured Gold pulling up next to the spot where the unidentified woman was lying on the sidewalk and rushing to her. At that point, the man, who had gotten into a light-colored SUV with her purse, stepped out and pointed the gun at Gold’s head and appeared to demand money from him.

The gun then appeared to jam, but it fired after the suspect lowered it to Gold’s abdomen. As Gold lay on the ground, the man tried again to shoot him in the head, only to have the gun jam repeatedly. He then fled the scene.

On Nov. 23, authorities arrested Euric Cane, 21, at an Uptown home and booked him on a count of attempted murder. His girlfriend was arrested on a count of accessory after the fact.

The harrowing video that captured the incident attracted national media coverage.

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