New Orleans rapper Dee-1 finally pays back student loans, celebrates with Tiger Stadium-shot music video _lowres

Photo by Brittany Baham -- Dee-1


Money's tight in Louisiana right now, but the dollar is stretched even thinner for those with student loans. New Orleans-raised rapper Dee-1 feels that stuggle too.

The LSU graduate turned public school teacher and rapper writes songs about teaching in Baton Rouge to his musical idols Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, but in his latest music video, he raps about what listeners know all too well: student loans.

Eight years after graduting from LSU, Dee-1 finished paying back his student loans. Last week Dee-1 debuted the music video "Sallie Mae Back" celebrating the feat.

His video details Dee-1 finialized the payments after making mimium payments for years and using money from a recently signed record deal to completely pay off his debt.

In front of Tiger Stadium or at a toga party, the news is a cause for celebration, especially since many Louisiana students may have to bump up their loans depending on this legislative session.

See below to watch the full video. For the latest on higher education funding in Louisiana click here.

The rapper's success has not gone unnoticed: