Gretna — A Terrytown man has been booked with attempted murder after Gretna police say he shot a man on the West Bank Expressway last year in a shooting police believe was tied to another shooting on the elevated roadway early last year.

Andrew Johnson, 20, was booked with attempted second-degree murder after by a federal task force, according to an arrest records. Johnson is accused of shooting a man multiple times Sept. 16 in an event that shut down the West Bank Expressway in Gretna.

In that incident, the victim said that a gray Pontiac Bonneville pulled alongside him on the expressway, and someone inside fired multiple shots into his vehicle, according to Sgt. Grey Thurman of the Gretna Police Department. The victim was able to drive himself to West Jefferson Medical Center for treatment.

However, Thurman said that a witness was able to get a license plate for the Bonneville. Gretna Deputy Chief Anthony Christiana said police were able to trace that vehicle back to a woman whose son was shot in an incident on Feb. 18 that also shut down the expressway and left three men critically injured. In fact, one victim in that incident had to have his arms and legs amputated because of his injuries, Christiana said.

In that incident, witnesses reported that a vehicle pulled alongside another car and opened fire on the vehicle. The two vehicles collided after the shooting, and police arrested one man shortly after the incident.

Christiana said investigators were able to determine that Johnson is the brother of one of the men who was shot in the February incident. In addition, the vehicle used in the September shooting was registered to the same woman whose car was shot up in the February incident. Christiana said authorities believe the September shooting was retaliatory in nature, but they have not determined the connection the most recent victim has to the original shooting.