The last of nine suspects named thus far in the mass shooting at Bunny Friend Park last month surrendered to police Sunday night.

Meanwhile, court records show police allege another of the suspects attempted to escape while being arrested in an unrelated incident two days after the shootout.

Police said Shawn “Shooter” Ruffin, 22, turned himself in about 9 p.m. Sunday. Like the other suspects, he is being held on 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder, one for each of the victims wounded in the Nov. 22 shooting in the Upper 9th Ward.

A judge did not set bail for Ruffin on Monday, records show, because a copy of the warrant for his arrest provided to the court was incomplete.

Authorities had booked the second-to-last at-large suspect in the Bunny Friend shooting, Quendrick “C4” Bailey, on Friday.

Police believe Bailey was a member of one of two groups involved in an intense argument inside the park as hundreds of people gathered for an unauthorized music event, according to a warrant.

Authorities based their warrant for Bailey’s arrest on the word of a single witness, who said that as the argument grew fiercer, Bailey shoved a gun under his armpit and walked into the middle of the dispute. Gunshots erupted seconds later, the witness reportedly said.

Bailey was first named as a suspect on Dec. 4. But a police officer had arrested him in a separate incident not far from the park on Nov. 24 — two days after the mass shooting.

Officer Melvin Wiltz wrote that he pulled Bailey over in the 1200 block of Egania Street in the Lower 9th Ward about 11 a.m. for running a red light.

Wiltz said that Bailey “appeared nervous” after being pulled over and began to reach around in his vehicle. Wiltz said he began to arrest Bailey on outstanding Jefferson Parish warrants and found illegal tramadol pills in his pockets.

As Wiltz sat in his police vehicle with Bailey in the back, he said, he heard the sound of handcuffs moving around. Wiltz said he then discovered that Bailey had somehow managed to free his left hand from the handcuffs.

Bailey also tried to open the right rear passenger door with his right hand, the officer wrote.

Bailey was booked on illegal possession of a controlled substance, the outstanding warrants and attempted escape.

A judge set bail for Bailey on that occasion at $10,000. It was not immediately clear when he posted bail before being booked again Friday.