Keenan Lewis has clarified his comments posted to Instagram.

After posting that he was being treated poorly by the Saints and that it might be time to move on from New Orleans on Tuesday, the cornerback wrote Wednesday that he wants to know he’ll finish his career here.

“I don’t want to be like (Darren) Sproles, (Pierre) Thomas, Jimmy (Graham) or (Malcolm) Jenkins, etc.,” Lewis wrote. “I am a team guy. I care about this team probably more than any player to ever wear a uniform trust me. I sacrifice and put my health on the line last season.

“I just want to know, I am going to be here the remainder of my contract. I deserve that. I proved my loyalty, now it’s time for the organization to prove theirs. Trust me people I’m not giving up, I just want them to make that simple move to happen.”

Lewis is referencing the players who have been let go by the Saints at the end of their contracts. However, it should be noted that Jenkins played out his deal.

Lewis has three years and $13 million remaining on his contract. It could be argued that he was one of the most important players on defense last season.