An outbreak of scabies among some female inmates at an Orleans Parish Prison facility that forced the quarantine of dozens of women this week was resolved Friday, officials said.

The prison’s medical staff decided to enact the quarantine Wednesday after five women complained about itching and were found to have symptoms consistent with scabies, said Philip Stelly, a spokesman for Sheriff Marlin Gusman.

“The medical staff said no new cases have been reported and the dormitory returned to a normal status” on Friday, Stelly said in a written statement.

Scabies is a communicable skin condition that leaves those affected with itches and rashes and is common in facilities, such as jails, where people live in close contact with one another.

Sixty women were quarantined at the prison facility after one female inmate complained about itching Tuesday and four others made similar complaints Wednesday, Stelly said.

The Sheriff’s Office’s medical staff had each inmate apply a medicated lotion from the neck down for eight hours to kill off the scabies mites and end the infestation, Stelly said.

Meanwhile, inmates’ mattresses were disinfected and each woman was issued a new uniform and laundry bag.

Stelly released the statement in response to a request for comment on the matter from The New Orleans Advocate.

The newspaper reported Saturday that the Sheriff’s Office had not responded to that request. In fact, Stelly emailed his reply Friday, but it was held back by a spam filter and was not released until hours later.

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