HARVEY — The Jefferson Parish school system will host two “Let’s Do History’’ workshops for teachers Tuesday, aimed at energizing and transforming the way American history is taught.

The three-hour workshops are sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute and are led by staff from the National Museum of American History, part of a nationwide tour.

According to the tour’s website, the workshops will introduce K-12 educators to “exciting and effective techniques, powerful online tools and authentic content that they can use in their classrooms,” sharing the museum’s “interdisciplinary approach to teaching with its focus on everyday objects, people-centered stories, and dialogue.”

Teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators or other interested faculty can register for the free workshops.

The first workshop for middle and high school teachers will take place from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., followed by a workshop for elementary school teachers from noon to 3 p.m.

Both workshops will take place at 501 Manhattan Blvd. in Harvey.

Faculty can register at: http://www.jppss.k12.la.us/district/contactus/historyform.aspx