Metairie — After a slow start to the year, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office has seen a spurt of violence, with four homicides and several shootings since Monday.

The most recent incident came Thursday afternoon when deputies found two men dead from unknown causes inside of a Metairie apartment, said Col. John Fortunato, a sheriff’s spokesman. Deputies were called out to 2209 Edenborn Avenue in Metairie around 2 p.m. after a woman reported that she hadn’t heard from the two men who lived at the address in several days, Fortunato said.

The woman got some help to peer into a sliding glass door at the apartment and saw what appeared to be a body lying in a hallway.

When deputies arrived, they confirmed that it was a dead man, and then found another body in a bedroom, Fortunato said.

He said the two victims were 22 and 26 years old.

It appeared the two men had been dead inside the apartment for some time, Fortunato said, but their exact cause of death was not immediately apparent. He called the two men roommates, but other media reports said they were romantically involved.

Fortunate said it’s unclear if the men were the victims in a double homicide, or if their deaths were related to a murder-suicide.

The Sheriff’s Office has investigated four deaths since Monday and three different shootings, after not investigating its first homicide of 2013 until a week into February. Police are still investigating the death of Desmond Brown, 3, who was found dead from asphyxiation at a Marrero home on Wednesday, and the fatal shooting of Emeal Washington, 58, in Marrero on Monday morning.

In addition, deputies are investigating a serious, but non-fatal, shooting involving a 27-year-old man in River Ridge Thursday morning and shootings in Avondale and Harvey. No arrests have been made in any of those incidents.