The Sunday night rape of a 20-year-old woman happened in the part of City Park that’s between Esplanade Avenue and Desaix Boulevard, New Orleans Police Spokesman Tyler Gamble said Tuesday. He also said the rapist approached the victim, who is a New Orleans resident, on a bicycle.

Beyond these few new details about the incident, not much is known about the crime. The rape was listed Monday morning in a summary of major crimes, which occurred in the previous 24 hours, that the NOPD emails out.

This NOPD offense log called the incident an aggravated rape, which is a more serious charge than simple or forcible rape.

According to WWL-TV, residents were informed by a police sergeant that the victim in the park with a friend. At about 5 or 6 p.m., the sergeant said, the friend had left and the victim, who had been drinking alcohol, fell asleep under a tree. When she woke up, a man came up on a bike and started talking to her. When the victim told him to go away, according to WWL-TV, the man tackled her and sexually assaulted her.

The station also reported that the victim hit the man in the face.