New Orleans police have arrested two of the four suspects wanted in the Sept. 14 robbery of a truck belonging to former TV investigative reporter Richard Angelico.

Angelico, who worked for years at WVUE and WDSU, had parked his vehicle near his home in the 3200 block of Grand Route St. John about 6:45 p.m. “I heard all this ruckus behind me, and I saw a kid screaming, ‘Give me your keys, give me your keys,’ and he had a gun that looked like a 9 mm Beretta pointed at me,” Angelico said.

According to a police report, Angelico was approached by four men, one of whom had a gun. One of the men ordered him to give up his car keys. When he refused, one of the men grabbed the keys. All of the men then got in his Ford F-150 and fled.

Police recovered the truck a day later in the 2500 block of Aubry Street.

Police said they were able to identify Joshua Augillard, 17, and a juvenile male, 15, as two of the four robbers. They said Augillard confessed to his role in the crime and was booked Wednesday on armed robbery. The 15-year-old was located Thursday and booked.

First District detectives are continuing to seek the other two robbers. Detectives can be contacted at (504) 658-6010.