New Orleans police said Friday they arrested two boys — ages 6 and 11 — on counts of aggravated assault. The younger boy is too young to be prosecuted under Louisiana law and was released to a guardian.

According to police, the boys had been rummaging through the bed of a pickup about 12:30 p.m. and began shouting obscenities at someone who approached them.

The vehicle was parked near Royal and Marigny streets.

According to police, the older boy pulled a pistol from his waistband and threatened to shoot the victim “if he didn’t leave them alone.” Police arrested the youths in the 3000 block of Chartres Street.

Officer Frank Robertson, a New Orleans police spokesman, said the 6-year-old was “entered at the Juvenile Division under the state statutes as a form of data processing.

“He is not at the age of culpability to be arrested, but he still had to be processed as a form of data collection,” Robertson said.

“He was released to a legal guardian.”

Inmates implicated in jailhouse ‘fire-raising’

Two inmates are facing new charges after they were caught igniting an unknown object in a dryer in the city’s new jail, according to an Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office report.

Inmates Dondrel Anderson and Shedrick Smith were rebooked this week on counts of “fire-raising in a correctional facility.”

On Wednesday, a deputy smelled smoke inside the jail and followed the odor to the laundry room. Surveillance footage showed Anderson removing a “white cylindrical object” from his waistband and “manipulating it to be straight,” the report says.

Anderson opened the dryer, held down the safety button and started the machine, the report says. Smith assisted, according to the report, and eventually removed the item from the dryer “with one end visibly on fire.”

“Inmate Anderson took the object, pulled his pants out and put the object in his pants,” the report says.

After leaving the laundry room, the inmates took the object to a cell and “took turns being the lookout while the other went out of view, presumably with the object,” the report says.