Inmate awaiting trial on murder charges stabbed at Orleans Parish Prison _lowres

Janero McBride

Violence flared anew at Orleans Parish Prison over the weekend, as a jailhouse stabbing injured an inmate who is awaiting trial on murder charges in a shooting melee last summer in the Lower 9th Ward.

Blair Taylor, a 21-year-old accused of fatally shooting two people and wounding five others, including two small children, on Burgundy Street, received at least eight stab wounds, said Philip Stelly, an Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Taylor, who had wounds to his neck, chest, torso, left arm and back, was taken to University Medical Center for treatment after the Saturday stabbing. He told investigators he wished to press charges against his assailants, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

Accused of stabbing Taylor was Janero McBride, 23, who was in jail after being accused of second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Toby Roche in May in the parking lot of Melba’s Restaurant in St. Roch.

Taylor told investigators that McBride stabbed him with a “metal pipe shank,” according to the Sheriff’s Office report. McBride was rebooked on aggravated battery.

One of the victims killed in the 2014 Burgundy Street rampage was Terrance McBride, 33, who authorities have said was the intended target of the mass shooting. Stelly said investigators do not know whether he was related to Janero McBride, the man accused of stabbing Taylor.

Taylor’s attorney did not return a call seeking comment.

The Sheriff’s Office report said McBride has agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

It said inmates Charles Casborn, 24, and Tranmetris Bradley, 22, also were involved in the fight with Taylor.

Court records show Bradley was rebooked on aggravated battery Sunday, but Stelly could not immediately say whether that count stemmed from the stabbing.

In a separate case, Casborn was accused last month of possessing contraband in the jail. Prosecutors refused a contraband charge against Bradley earlier this year.

The stabbing is not Taylor’s first run-in with other inmates since he landed at OPP. Authorities said he was assaulted in September by Trung Le, the man accused of opening fire on Bourbon Street in June 2014 in a shooting that injured nine people and killed a Hammond woman.

Le was accused of punching Taylor in the head several times.

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