St. Bernard man brandished gun at nephew who tried to stop aunt’s gang rape, police say _lowres

Alberto Galvez

A St. Bernard Parish man is accused of taking part in the gang rape of a woman in Algiers in December after she became “incoherent” on drugs, according to a warrant. He also brandished a gun at the woman’s nephew when the relative tried to intervene, police allege.

Police claim that Alberto Galvez Jr., 28, was inside a residence at an unknown address in Algiers on Dec. 6 when the woman went to a residence to buy drugs. The woman’s nephew later told police, according to a warrant obtained by Sex Crimes Unit Detective Jessica Williams, that after he and his aunt were given the drugs, she “became incoherent.”

The nephew was in a rear room of the house while Galvez “relocated” his aunt to the front, according to the warrant. When he tried to stop Galvez, the nephew told police, he “produced a gun and told him to sit down, or he would be shot.”

“The victim’s nephew complied, and several minutes later, Alberto Galvez relocated back to the room and bragged about how he and his friends sexually assaulted his aunt,” the warrant states. “Galvez also boasted about writing on the victim’s buttocks with a permanent marker.”

The victim told police, according to the warrant, that his aunt was “in a stupor” as they left the residence. On their way back to St. Bernard Parish, according to police, the pair was pulled over in “Alberto’s vehicle” by a parish deputy on a traffic violation.

The nephew told New Orleans police that he told a deputy what had happened during the traffic stop, and she was taken to University Medical Center.

The warrant does not state whether Galvez was driving, but according to St. Bernard Parish Court records he was arrested there on that date. Galvez pleaded guilty to illegal possession of Vyvanse, a stimulant drug, in St. Bernard Parish on April 5.

Williams, the detective, wrote in her warrant that she was able to confirm that the victim’s buttocks had been marked.

Galvez was booked on counts of first degree rape, aggravated assault, and second degree kidnapping on Wednesday. His total bond stands at $300,000 and he is being represented by the Orleans Public Defenders, according to court records.

The public defenders do not generally comment on pending cases. Efforts to reach Galvez’s relatives were not immediately successful on Friday.