Photo courtesy WVUE-TV Fox 8

Two Port of Call restaurant workers were in the right place at the right time during Saturday's flood. 

Video shared by WVUE-TV Fox 8 shows the workers coming to the aid of a paralyzed man in a motorized wheelchair that toppled over due to rising water outside the restaurant at the edge of the French Quarter. 

"It was crazy," Janine Hayes, a Port of Call employee, said, adding that several waiters and others ran outside immediately to help.

"It took all their strength to get that man’s face out of the water and lift the whole apparatus up and get him up on the dry sidewalk," she added. "And he was crying."

Hayes said she and her co-workers noticed the water was pooling faster than it does in a typical summer storm and started keeping a close watch on the area's conditions. They noticed the man struggling to keep his head above water during one of their periodic checks that day.

Hayes' story was one of many harrowing tales to emerge from Saturday's flooding, a freak event that meteorologists and city officials said dropped between 1 and 10 inches of rainfall over a few hours in the New Orleans metro area.

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