Kenner — A New Orleans woman was arrested Wednesday after police said she ran her boyfriend and another woman off the road and injured three children in the process.

Jennifer Shaffer, 29, was booked with three counts of cruelty to a juvenile, aggravated criminal damage to property, simple assault and reckless operation of a motor vehicle. Shaffer is being held at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna in lieu of $26,000 bond.

Lt. Wayne McInnis said the incident began Wednesday in the 700 block of Taylor Street in Kenner. Shaffer apparently saw another woman driving her boyfriend’s 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo while her boyfriend rode in the passenger seat.

Several children were in the rear of the vehicle, including Shaffer’s 1-year-old son, an arrest report said.

Shaffer became enraged at the sight and decided to use her 2008 Ford Explorer to run the smaller vehicle off the road, McInnis said.

As the two vehicles drove north on Taylor, Shaffer rammed her vehicle into the driver’s side door, McInnis said.

When the driver stopped at the red light at Airline Drive, Shaffer slammed into the rear of the car and pushed it into traffic on the busy roadway.

The victims tried to flee, but Shaffer chased them down, swerving in-and-out of traffic to stay close to them, McInnis said. She managed to hit the vehicle two more times on its side, he said.

The victims eventually stopped at a stop sign in the 1300 block of Taylor Street. McInnis said Shaffer again rammed her car into the back of the vehicle, this time pushing it through the intersection and into a tree in a resident’s front yard.

When the female victim got out of the car, Shaffer ran up to her and told her she knew where she lived and would kill her and all of her children, a report said.

Shaffer also claimed to have a gun in her car. Shaffer was arrested without incident in the 1300 block of Taylor Street.

McInnis said that Shaffer had two children in her truck with her, and they were injured in the incident along with one of the children from the victim’s vehicle.