NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison said in a news release Tuesday afternoon that all parades will roll on their assigned days this weekend. The decision was made after a meeting involving the city's public safety department heads that reviewed weather forecasts and logistic considerations, he said.

“Having explored all options, it was determined that there is no viable way -- in fairness to every parade krewe -- to alter the parade schedule," Harrison said. "The decision has been made: there will be no change in the parade schedule this weekend. All parades will roll as planned on their assigned day and route. The NOPD will work with every krewe on the day of their scheduled parade to be flexible on the start times, should inclement weather make that necessary.”

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With thunderstorms predicted throughout the day Saturday, officials with the Krewe of Endymion are weighing whether to reschedule one of the most highly anticipated parades of the Carnival season.

Officials with the Krewe are "exploring our options, as every other krewe is doing," Endymion President Dan Kelly said Tuesday morning.

Any decision on moving the parade would likely require it to follow other parades on the Uptown route rather than the Mid-City path it normally takes.

A final decision on when Endymion will roll is not expected until Thursday, when forecasters have said they'll have a better handle on the weekend's weather. The city would also have to sign off on any changes to make sure it has the manpower and resources needed for the parade, Kelly said.

According to a report from WVUE, krewe members have received a message from organizers to be on-call for Friday at noon. 

"We want to go on Saturday night and we’re going to do everything we can to go Saturday," Kelly said. 

Right now, the forecast calls for thunderstorms throughout the day Saturday with an even chance of rain around Endymion's 4:15 p.m. start time.

"The first thing is public safety, we have to make sure the public’s going to be safe and the riders are going to be safe," Kelly said. 

If the parade is rescheduled, it's not clear whether it would be moved to Friday or Sunday or roll at a different time on Saturday. Kelly said "anything is a possibility right now."

In 2011, thunderstorms forced Endymion to postpone its parade and roll Sunday night, following the Krewe of Bacchus on the Uptown route. Other possibilities could include rolling earlier in the day on Saturday or moving to Friday night after the Krewe of Morpheus.

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