Officers arrested a woman Wednesday suspected of stealing a Toy Poodle from a pet store earlier that day, according to a Slidell Police Department press release.

Stephanie Orso, 29, was arrested at her home, located at 1533 Richmond Drive around 5:42 p.m. Wednesday.

The arrest was made shortly after a police officer pulled Orso over for an unrelated traffic stop. At the time of the stop the officer, Sergeant Cliff Laigast, was unaware of the theft incident.

After releasing Orso from the traffic stop, Laigast was notified of a woman in a red Toyota that was suspected of stealing a Toy Poodle. Laigast had observed a small dog in Orso's car and that the red Toyota Solara she was driving matched the description of the vehicle used to flee the scene of the pet store.

As a result of the traffic stop, Orso’s home address was obtained and officers immediately responded to that location.

After a brief interview with Orso, she admitted to the theft and the puppy was safely recovered from a closet inside of Stephanie Orso’s residence where she attempted to hide it.

Orso was arrested and transported to the Slidell Police Department’s jail to be processed accordingly.