Neighbors said they never heard a sound. But around 5 a.m. on Friday morning, police discovered the lifeless body of a man who had been shot in the head inside a car in an empty New Orleans East lot.

Authorities have not identified the man, whose body was discovered inside a grey Toyota Corolla in the 4600 block of America Street, nor have they announced any suspects or potential motives in the killing. The closest buildings to the lot are two abandoned houses.

Cora Monroe, 67, who lives in a house facing the grassy lot, said she recalled seeing the car there about 9 p.m. on Thursday. She and her sister had been up late awake late in the evening, but she never heard a gunshot or saw any movement around the car.

Monroe said her sister was woken up early Friday morning by the lights from police cruisers. Detectives asked them a few questions and then moved on.

Police did not give any indication of who called 911 about a “man down,” and Monroe said she was stumped about the killing. No relatives came to the scene after police arrived, she said, and as far as she knew the victim did not live near America Street.

“If it was anybody around the neighborhood, their peoples would have come,” said a neighbor who declined to give his name.

That neighbor said that he, too, did not hear any gunshots. The lot was sometimes used by young men as a place to smoke marijuana, he said, but not the source of serious trouble.

“Don’t know who it is, but I pray for him, because he was a human,” Monroe said.