The fourth and final suspect indicted this week in a series of daring Uptown armed robberies last year surrendered to authorities Thursday, New Orleans police said.

Authorities allege that Dwayne Stevenson, 20, was one of four men who robbed Patois restaurant on Aug. 20, Atchafalaya restaurant on Sept. 24 and the Monkey Hill bar on Sept. 28. They say he also helped steal the 2005 Kia Sorento used in the Patois holdup from an apartment complex in New Orleans East.

Stevenson is being held on a $9 million bail set Wednesday by Criminal District Court Judge Franz Zibilich.

Wesley Davis, Jockquaren Van Norman and Nicholas Spiller, the three other men police have named as suspects in the robberies, already were in custody on unrelated charges when the indictment was announced.

In each of the stickups, masked men entered the business and forced patrons and staff members to hand over money and phones. No one was injured, but the daring nature of the crimes, as well as the tony locations targeted, created a citywide stir.

New Orleans police joined forces with the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to conduct their investigation after Mayor Mitch Landrieu requested the assistance of the federal government.

Months passed without word from authorities on any developments in the case. But after the indictment was announced Wednesday afternoon, police allowed themselves a moment of celebration.

“We made a commitment to use every available resource to track down the suspects responsible for these crimes and bring them to justice, and we did,” Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said in a statement. “This was a difficult case to tackle, but we put together a smart team to get it done and do it right.”

Police have said they believe everyone who was directly involved in the robberies has been caught, but they still are investigating to determine if anyone else was involved in what they allege was a larger conspiracy.

A source said authorities also are investigating whether the four indicted men may have been involved in other armed robberies as well.