Grace Notes: Irvin Mayfield’s $1,435 breakfast hard to achieve, even harder for New Orleans Library Foundation to swallow _lowres

Irvin Mayfield

Trumpeter Irvin Mayfield charged the city’s public library charity more than $18,000 to stay five nights at a hotel on New York’s Central Park in July 2012, WWL-TV reported Tuesday, racking up huge fees for mini-bar liquor, limo rides and hotel meals, including a single breakfast costing more than $1,400, according to invoices provided by the Library Foundation.

In May 2015, WWL-TV exposed more than $1 million in library donations Mayfield and his business partner, Ronald Markham — who served as consecutive presidents of the Library Foundation board — directed to their New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, where they each made six-figure salaries.

Invoices from the New York trip were discovered when the Library Foundation’s new accountants went over disjointed records left from their terms as head of the board.

See the full WWL report here.