Richard McGee, via Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

A man from Georgia has been arrested on accusations he raped a woman who was visiting the French Quarter for a bachelorette party last summer.

Police say Richard McGee, 44, ingratiated himself with the woman one evening on Bourbon Street, offering a Band-Aid for a cut on her foot. However, the woman claimed McGee raped her in a parking garage stairwell after they ran into each other again two days later.

McGee, of Macon, Georgia, was booked Saturday on counts of first-degree rape, second-degree battery and second-degree kidnapping.

Police say his DNA was found on a plastic beer cup left at the scene of the incident.

McGee remained behind bars Monday, with his bail set at $250,000. 

Court records show the woman, who was visiting from Canada, was walking on Bourbon Street in flip-flops one night in July 2016 and sliced her heel on a broken beer bottle.

She said a man resembling the character Carlton Banks from the sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" put a Band-Aid on the cut, and she invited him to tag along for the bachelorette party that night, according to court records.

Two nights later, she bumped into the man again, she told police. After a couple of drinks, the man said he was out of money and needed to get more from his car, which he had left at a parking garage on Iberville Street. Eventually, he led the woman to a stairwell, put down his beer cup and started to assault her, she said.

In the struggle that followed, she said, the man forced her to the ground and choked her until she passed out. 

She described being awakened later by two men who appeared to be workers for a nearby business. The woman said she then walked away from the garage and began screaming for help, prompting a bouncer at a nearby bar to call the police.

She was treated at University Medical Center, underwent a sexual assault examination and gave a description of the attacker to police, who submitted DNA evidence — including from the man's beer cup — to the Louisiana State Police crime lab.

New Orleans police were notified Dec. 19 that evidence from the beer cup matched a profile of McGee stored on an FBI-managed DNA database, which contains profiles of individuals convicted of certain crimes. The woman on Dec. 23 identified McGee as her attacker in a six-person photo lineup of potential suspects.

Police obtained a warrant to arrest McGee on Dec. 27. It was not immediately clear why he was not arrested until this month.

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