Justice didn’t bark early Thursday morning.

The tough-looking Rottweiler made no sound when a man was shot to death behind a nearby house in the 2000 block of St. Anthony Street in the 7th Ward around 1:30 a.m., according to her owner.

Justice’s owner, who declined to give his name, said she has been getting quieter and quieter since a companion dog died. But he heard a single muffled gunshot, followed by a two-minute pause, then three more gunshots.

“Do you think I should go out there?” the man asked his wife next to him in bed. He decided not to, he said, because “I didn’t hear my dog barking or nothing.”

Authorities have not released the victim’s name, but they said his body was found with multiple gunshot wounds in the backyard of a shotgun double on the street.

Another canine arrived on the scene later Thursday morning. About 9:30 a.m., an ATF Labrador named Ting sniffed through a grassy lot next door to where the man died in a hunt for shell casings.

Neighbors said they regularly heard gunshots and lived in fear of becoming victims of crime themselves. Two other nearby residents declined to give their name when approached by a reporter, citing the fear of retribution.

On April 10, 31-year-old Bryant Brastfield was shot a few blocks away near the corner of North Roman and Allen Streets, another location dominated by Interstate 10’s steady din.

Another neighbor said the victim of the shooting was a young man who had moved into the house behind which he was shot about a month ago, and lived there with a girlfriend.

“That child is gone,” one neighbor said. “It’s just so sad that people are taking our children like that.”