Elementary education at the Jewish Community Day School came to an end May 28 for fifth-grade graduates Jonas Benjo, Seth Berk, Shimmy Lang and Alexandra Stone. Their fifth-grade teacher was Aleeza Adelman.

Rabbi Ethan Linden, of Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation, presented personalized Jewish Studies Awards to each student. Lang received the K’lal Yisrael Award for his “love and connection to the land of Israel and to the Jewish people.” Stone got the Tikkun Olam Award representing her concern for taking care of animals, helping people in need and taking care of the environment. Having learned how to positively use the power of words and use the strength within him to help achieve his goals, Benjo received the Gevurah Award. Because of the way he beautifully demonstrated a connection and commitment to Tefillah and the spirituality of Judaism, Berk earned the Jewish Value of Emunah Award.

The website for the Jewish Community Day School is www.jcdsnola.org.