Two men inside a black Lincoln sedan pulled up next to a delivery truck as its driver and a passenger unloaded cases of alcohol in New Orleans East on Oct. 29. They walked briskly toward the truck’s driver-side door, opened it, and within eight seconds were gone with $12,000.

The suspects had taken a bag of cash from where it was kept under the driver’s seat, according to police. When investigators started asking questions, police say, the driver and his passenger — a newly hired temporary employee — pointed fingers at each other.

Police said it took the word of an informant to unravel the case. Last month they arrested the man riding in the truck’s passenger seat, Emmett Hills, on a count of simple burglary. On Saturday, one of his alleged co-conspirators, Quentin McDonald, was also booked. A third man wanted in the case remains at large.

Police said the driver of the truck picked the cash up from a Vietnamese market on Alcee Fortier Boulevard to settle a bill on the morning of Oct. 29. The truck then made its way to the Downman Center, at 7200 Downman Road, to make a delivery.

The burglary itself was caught on surveillance video, according to police. At about 11:35 a.m., police said, the suspects pulled up in a Lincoln MKZ sedan owned by one of McDonald’s relatives. As Hills and the driver of the truck unloaded liquor inside the business, police said, McDonald and another man made quick work of the cash.

An informant told police that Hills had arranged the burglary by text messaging his associates, Quentin McDonald and a man known to the informant as “2shots.” Police said they were able to determine that “2shots” is a man named Tyrus Fields from fingerprints left on the side door of the truck.

Hills was arrested on Dec. 11. Both he and McDonald have been released from jail. Fields remains at large, according Officer Frank Robertson, a Police Department spokesman.