A cow caused a car crash on Clearview Parkway in Metairie Tuesday, but the barreling bovine was quickly brought under control by state troopers.

The black cow slipped to freedom from a trailer on Clearview Parkway heading northbound at Argonne Street shortly after 10 a.m., and caused a minor dustup with the vehicle behind it, Trooper First Class Melissa Matey said. A loose latch is suspected as a possible cause.

Two troopers responded to the scene and within minutes were able to steer the steer back into its trailer. State police do not receive special training in livestock handling, but no lassoes were required.

“It wasn’t like this was some massive cow hunt,” Matey said. “I think there were some scrapes to the cow, but they that came from when the cow fell out of the trailer.”

Photos on social media do show that for some time, at least, the cow was able to ramble through suburban side streets. It’s not clear whether it mowed any grass.