In the aftermath of the Bunny Friend Park shooting, as well as the mass shooting in California that left 14 people dead, Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said he plans to lobby for gun control legislation next year in Baton Rouge.

In a news release Thursday, Cannizzaro invited the National Rifle Solution to “be a part of the solution.”

“If the NRA truly wants to protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, then I invite them to come to the table and be a part of the solution rather than an organization with a single word vocabulary – ‘No,’” Cannizzaro said in the statement.

Cannizzaro said that New Orleanians have become too familiar with gun violence. Two weeks ago, 17 people were injured in a shooting at Bunny Friend Park. Bail has been set at $1.7 million for the lone named suspect, Joseph “Moe” Allen.

In California, 14 people were killed and dozens more injured Wednesday after a couple opened fire at a holiday party at a social services center for the disabled.

“As an elected leader in this community, I am unwilling to simply throw up my hands in despair and say that there is nothing that can be done,” Cannizzaro said.

Cannizzaro also said that he believes in the Second Amendment and a person’s right to possess a firearm.

“I, however, do not believe that the Second Amendment is a rock that violent criminals should be allowed to hide behind to ensure a steady supply of their tools-of-the-trade,” he said.