Cabrini High School offers science program for elementary school girls _lowres

Photo provided by Cabrini High School—Cabrini High School science department head Ann Smart discusses how science is used to solve crimes during Super Science Saturday camp. The three students standing beside her are Kendall Jones, Elizabeth McCabe and Taylor Bruning, from left.

Girls in grades four through six participated in a Super Science Saturday day camp Nov. 7 at Cabrini High School, where they learned about the use of science and DNA as evidence in criminal investigations.

Cabrini students, under the guidance of science department head Ann Smart, staged a crime scene in the science prep room.

One of the students, posing as the criminal, broke into the prep room and dropped a beaker of an unknown chemical. The scenario involved the suspect cutting herself on the broken beaker, leaving blood evidence for the investigators.

The Super Science Saturday campers analyzed the unknown chemical from the broken beaker to determine its composition. Campers then tested the blood to determine whether it was fake, and its characteristics as potential evidence. The group also analyzed the footprints, fingerprints and hair left at the crime scene to assist in identification of the culprit.

Super Science Saturday camps are held monthly on the Cabrini campus during the school year.

The Cabrini science department is available to visit elementary school science classes to perform activities and experiments with them. To schedule a visit from the Science Squad, email