An Orleans Parish judge sentenced a 76-year-old Treme man to 27 years in prison Friday for obstruction of justice after his conviction for dropping his girlfriend’s fatally stabbed body from his roof onto the bed of his pickup, then dumping it in a grassy lot.

A jury deadlocked on a murder count for Seabon Gibson, a retired truck driver who claimed he did not mean to kill Fannie Campbell, 58, when he repeatedly stabbed her during another in a long series of physical altercations.

The same jury convicted Gibson on the obstruction count, and Criminal District Court Judge Franz Ziblich handed down a sentence at the high end of a range with a maximum of 40 years.

Gibson claimed he was under attack from Campbell when he wrested a knife from her and began stabbing her indiscriminately, not realizing until later that he’d inflicted fatal wounds upon her.

Gibson told the jury they were both drunk on gin at the time. He later got rid of her body.

After nearly seven hours of deliberations, the jury reported they were stuck at eight votes for murder and four for manslaughter.