Grad Square won the third annual “Chaffe Entrepreneur Challenge,” conducted in collaboration with The Idea Village.

The New Orleans startup company is a central platform where employers can find graduates from universities. Grad Square also provides universities with a data-driven picture of their students’ career prospects after they graduate, while furnishing a product that makes it easy for graduates to meet employers and recruiters who are looking for their talent.

The challenge is a business competition in which The Idea Village nominates four entrepreneurs from its 2015 Strategic Consulting Portfolio who exhibit great ideas and potential for growth. The entrepreneurs participated in an interview process to compete for free legal services and organization and structure advice provided by Chaffe McCall LLP, a business development prize valued at $45,000.

“We understand that entrepreneurial activity drives economic growth, and we’re delighted to be a part of that entrepreneurial landscape in the Gulf South,” said William H. Langenstein, partner at Chaffe McCall.