PMI Energy Services has opened a shorebase in Morgan City, supporting oil and gas production and drilling activities in shelf, coastal and inland waters.

The Superior Energy Services company’s shorebase is on a 12.5-acre site with a 600 foot bulkhead dock and is centrally located on the Louisiana coast. The company said the site provides better protection from weather events than ports located directly on the Louisiana coastline.

The site has acreage for material handling and temporary storage, both open and enclosed, for dry goods and sensitive equipment; secure parking; marine and aviation crew changes; meeting rooms; a safety training facility; customer office space; and satellite offices for logistics coordinators.

The facility also is close to established fuel docks, mud docks, 29-B waste transfer stations, rental and supply companies, fabrication yards, shipyards, repurpose facilities and other industry and civil infrastructure to support offshore or inland oil and gas properties.