Work is set to begin next month in New Orleans on “Cut Off,” an independent psychological thriller film about a tormented man who struggles to deal with his new life in the Crescent City.

MediaFusion Entertainment and Carbin Pictures is scheduled to begin principal photography March 14. The film, which has a $2.5 million budget, is set in New Orleans and features characters and story line rooted in the surrounding area.

The film’s plot centers on Clive Stone, who follows an old friend, Trevor De Blanc, to a cabin on the bayou. There, he is forced to confront issues with his marriage and grapple with various mind games.

Cast members include John Robinson, of “Elephant” and “Lords of Dogtown,” and Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe winner Brad Dourif.

“Cut Off” is being produced by director Jowan Carbin; producer Carol Bidault de l’Isle; and associate producer Jon Vogl.