Update: New Orleans-based Breaux Mart tweets support to woman criticized by Lamarque Ford for 'horrible' eyebrows _lowres


UPDATE 11:45 a.m. Thursday: New Orleans-based grocery store Breaux Mart has weighed in on the Lamarque Ford exchange, tweeting Thursday, "Dear @YesICandice, you're perfect the way you are. Here's a gift card, come BROWS for free!"

Lamarque Ford got into a bizarre battle of words on Twitter on Wednesday night when a woman criticized the company's new television commercial.

The exchange began when a Twitter used named @YesICandice tweeted, “Has anyone seen the HORRIBLE new Ronnie Lamarque commercial?! TERRIBLE!!!!!!”

The critique apparently ticked off someone at Lamarque Ford, and the company responded via its own Twitter account in a reply to the woman, saying “Not as horrible as those eyebrows of yours, quit hating on people who actually DO shit. Those commercials are perfection..”

The tweet was eventually deleted, and the company issued an apology.